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🇯🇪 Jersey becoming an Innovation Leader

The Innovation Report  At the heart of our Strategic Plan is a vision for Jersey to become an innovation leader Evidence is clear that, in a world where labour and capital resources are finite, innovation is key to unlocking economic growth and job creation. And with the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the UK’s forthcoming negotiations with the EU, there is an even greater imperative for Jersey’s Government and business community to continue to raise standards of innovation and competitiveness. Implementing the recommendations of the Innovation Review is critical to this. Published in September 2015, the Review made suggestions as to how we can create an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish and businesses can prosper. Since its release, our Innovation Review team have been working hard with delivery partners to make its recommendations become reality. We are now starting to see some results from the Review and I want to offer my thanks to the team and to the many departments and delivery partners who have been responsible for implementation. Advances have been made in a number of key areas over the past six months: • An independent external expert is being appointed to evaluate the economic performance of the Jersey Innovation Fund and recommend the future policy approach to the funding of innovation. In support of this work, the Funding of Innovation Steering Group has been established to propose options for the future funding of innovative new business ideas in Jersey. The Steering Group comprises experienced individuals from the private and public sector (recommendations 1, 2, 3 and 5). • A pilot scheme is making it easier... read more

TechFair 2016

TechFair 2016 slidesTechFair Opening Fort Regent 11th November 2016   1.Good morning and a warm welcome to TechFair 2016 2.  Last year saw an amazing foot fall- of over 4,000 3. And from what I’ve seen it’s going to be far more this year 4. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Digital Revolution in Jersey is gaining momentum 5. You are the early-birds; early adopters 6. And each one of you present are contributing to our valued & growing digital community in Jersey, and I thank each one of you 7. I’m delighted to be standing alongside Deputy Rod Bryans, our valued Education minister, and he is going to speak to you shortly 8. In fact Rod and I would say that any minister could be here and many of them I’m sure will be here over weekend supporting Digital 9. The Chief Minister has made it clear that Digital is at the heart of our Government’s plans for the Island 10. It may not make headlines amid the whirlwind of day-to-day politics but we believe growing the Tech sector is of the utmost importance to every Islander 11. It’s the key to providing a prosperous future for Islanders, providing opportunities for every islander to reach their potential in whatever their area of expertise 12. The internet means they can do that from Jersey to the world 13. The new Digital Framework is going to be vital to make that future a reality and we are going to be publishing this in the next few weeks 14. The Framework is going to be effectively the Island’s digital policy. 15. It will outline... read more

Post BREXIT Day 29

A week is a long time in politics; the last four weeks have changed the landscape politically, economically and constitutionally. It would normally take a decade to create so many shifts. It has been described as the political earthquake by some, and if that earthquake has an epicentre, it is BREXIT. When it became clear in the early hours of the morning on the 24th June that the voters of the United Kingdom would vote to leave the European Union, this was not the result that most people unexpected.It seemed that most governments around the world, including dare I say it, the United Kingdom, had not even contemplated a BREXIT decision. Hindsight is always a great thing and today peoyple will often say that of course they knew, but the wise words of one of our highly respected members of the Fiscal Policy Panel sums the situation up well – “nobody has evidence of the future”. However, it is important that even without evidence of the future, that there is always cool, level-headed realistic assessment of risk. At the end of the day, most opinion polls were narrow enough to have at least considered an exit result as an option. And government should always have ad two plans – a plan for remaining and a plan for exit. In Jersey, we are more cautious than some places, because our size and constitutional nature means we must take care to protect ourselves against the radical shifts of external markets.   That is why, 18 months prior to the BREXIT Referendum, we set up a Political Oversight Group, to consider the... read more

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