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Speech for Institute of Law in Jersey

Mar 25, 2014 No Comments ›› Philip

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Before I begin, I would like to thank the Institute of Law for inviting me here today to talk about a something that matters a great deal to us all – the sustainability of our financial services industry. As many of you know, my main role in government is that of Treasury ...

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Getting Jersey working

Mar 3, 2014 No Comments ›› Philip

Last week the latest unemployment figures were released. Reducing unemployment has been the Chief Minister's stated main aim of the Council of Ministers. Jersey historically never had a significant unemployment problem. This has changed in the last recession. Jobs had been lost in Financial Services, whilst not severe as many Financial Centres and the rest ...

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Jersey Post Sale Allegation

Jan 30, 2014 No Comments ›› Philip

Email sent to all States Members -  30th January 2014 Dear Colleagues, A number of members will have received an email which has led to unfounded suggestions I blocked the sale of land owned by a States owned company to a local financial institution. This follows over the last few years, a continuing theme of questions concerning ...

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