About Me

I’ve been called various things in my time as a politician, “hard-working” being my preferred and a few others I’d rather forget!  As far as my politics is concerned I’m centre-right economically but I’m most comfortable being described as liberal in outlook.  I have always been fascinated with how government can improve lives and that’s what I feel passionately about.

I have a vision of a Jersey that is fair, successful and confident: a place where everyone can pursue their dreams and improve their own lives and those around them. I believe the state should provide the quality services that a modern society expects such as health care and education but it should do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. A similar vision is probably shared by most States Members.  We just differ sometimes on how to get there.  My approach is based on extensive research, expert opinion and listening to people. I try to be pragmatic. This doesn’t always make me popular, but it does allow me to be comfortable with all decisions I make.

I was brought up in a traditional farming family, hearing Jèrriais and son of a former Connétable. I went to school in Jersey at Victoria College and then studied at the European Business School in London, Frankfurt and Paris.  Perhaps because of my background and foreign study,  I have always enjoyed learning and speaking languages. Languages offer a window on another world and show interest and respect to other cultures. I enjoy travel and aim to visit a new country every year and take short trips to interesting places. To truly appreciate how lucky we are in Jersey it is important to see other countries and understand their perspective and challenges.

In my spare time, I spend time with friends, looking after my godchildren and reading about politics and economics – when you enjoy something it’s hard to switch off!  I keep fit by going to the gym at Fort Regent most weekday mornings. I have diverse music interests. My partner is a chemistry teacher and a well-known music critic and we go to lots of concerts together. I had an Apple Mac SE30 since university and have always been an early adopter of new technology. I also enjoy film, theatre, music, wine, food and the usual things that make life nice.

Political History


  • Elected as Deputy for St Helier District 3 & 4 in November 1999, topping the poll, then as Senator in 2002, again topping the poll, re-elected as Senator in 2008
  • Economic Development Minister from 2005 – 2008
• Treasury & Resources Minister from 2008 – Present
  • Assistant Chief Minister from 2013 – Present
• Vice Chairman of the States of Jersey Employment Board
  • Member of the Jersey branch of the Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie and Vice Chairman of the Alliance Jersey branch
  • Former member of Jersey Legal Information Board and Jersey Relations Trust

Key Achievements


  •  Balanced budgets through a period of unprecedented global economic turmoil
  • Increased the value of our long-term strategic reserve by over 50% through this period
  • Delivered £60 million in recurring annual efficiency savings
  • Rebuilt our reputation with international finance ministers in the UK and around the world
  • Led the investment in our digital future
• Achieved international endorsement through a AA+ credit rating
  • Delivered funding for social and affordable housing
• Fast-tracked funding for urgently needed social projects, including new mental
    health facilities
  • Supported successful job creation programmes thereby lowering unemployment
“Philip is a person who understands the cost of not making a decision. Most importantly, however, he is someone who learns from his mistakes and yes, he most certainly does listen to the opinion of others. He is perhaps best known for his interest in matters economic and fiscal. Less widely known is his deep concern about the education of the Island’s youth and support for the health agenda. These are just some of the reasons I was pleased to nominate him to the office of Senator.” Alex Ohlsson

Partner at Carey & Olsen

“I know Senator Philip Ozouf to be a person of integrity who has the welfare of all Jersey people whatever their status at heart. He has always demonstrated concern and support for the charitable organisations who provide essential care to the community.”

Margaret McGovern MBE

Retired Hospice Nurse

“Love it or hate it, with more than 12,000 employees in the finance industry you will know or be related to someone who works in it. Such an economic powerhouse in Jersey requires nurturing and investment and stability. Ask yourself who will provide all three for the future?”

Robert Kirkby

Director at KPMG

“What impresses me most about Philip is his ability to cut through irrelevance and address those facts about an issue that matters – a unique skill for a politician.”

Richard Le Boutiller


“Philip’s record demonstrates clearly that he is not afraid to take difficult decisions, and put Jersey’s interests over his personal popularity. He has also showed willingness to invest in the future, and make decisions for the long-term.”

Jason Laity

Former Chairman of IoD Jersey Branch & Director at KPMG

“I first met Philip when I came to the Island eleven years ago and asked him for space in a car park for Shopmobility. He gave a very quick affirmative decision. This helps disabled people living or visiting Jersey.”

Edward Trevor MBE

Chairman of National Federation of Shopmobility

Feel free to contact me, I welcome your feedback and comments.

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