FOI Question on Expenses – voluntary enhanced disclosures

Here is what I hope is an a more detailed explanation to the Expenses which were answered in a recent FOI.

The FOI answer


Jersey has some of the far reaching Freedom of Imformation Laws of any country.

Here is our law 


























The following request was received.


The following answer was given




























My concern is that the data issued had no explanation.

It does not the full picture of a ministers  travel, transportation and accomdation costs.

There is understable concern amongst most islanders say that expenses should be valid and justified.

After numerous scandals about in the expanses of UK MP’s and other places – it’s quite understandable the public want assurances that there are not incidents such as the expense of business class travel to Cape Town.

Whilst there had been previous little criticism in Jersey about expenses – as its public money the public has a right to know more than just the totals but the detail of expenses should explain the activity, why it was incurred and justified. 

I announced some ago the intention to publish a more detailed breakdown of the expenses. 

An FOI been published from records held, however it is not complete and doesn’t not give the information.

I’ve spent of hours of work to check the information published and cross reference the expense with the activity with my diary. 

This list is the first part of my enhanced disclosures. 

As soon as possible – as soon as I have double checked all my expenses I will publish it all. 

NOTE:  list is only the money incurred personally and for which I submitted a claim and which was authorised as proper busineses expense. 

Hope the answers provide the answers sought and I’m happy to take any questions on them. 

The full picture will be made easier when the full disclosure of all expenses and dairy  are combined.


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