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EU BREXIT – reflections after day one

  Over the last 18 months the Chief Minister’s and External Relations have worked hard on preparing for the outcome of the United Kingdom’s decision on the EU referendum. The island was prepared for either our come. At dawn, the Jersey team actioned the start of the carefully researched plan which was prepared in the event of an exit vote. Whilst other ministers have their important roles to discharge, my political responsibility is to do whatever is necessary to protect and promote the interests of the finance and digital services sectors. I write this blog in that capacity. I thought it would be helpful to set out in more detailed words my reflections on today’s vote, particularly for the finance and digital sectors. As appropriate, I will continue to set out my thoughts in the important days and weeks ahead. Our diversified financial services base As a result of our long-term planning ahead of the EU referendum, we are extremely well prepared to maintain our stable public finances, international ties and economic growth amid the UK’s withdrawal. It is important to remember that Jersey is an International Finance Centre, three quarters of whose wealth comes from outside the UK. Work in recent years has demonstrated the diversified client base in financial services markets, particularly in new markets such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our diverse base of underlying business is therefore not directly affected by Brexit. We are very well and uniquely placed to navigate our way through what is going to be a period of adjustment for the UK where there will be the need to...

Digital Blog

Jersey’s Digital Policy Framework – starting the conversation. Ahead of my Question and Answer session which will NOW start at 5:30pm instead of 6:30pm today, Wednesday, On Friday last week, during my speech to the Chamber of Commerce we announced the start of what I hope is a major conversation about Jersey’s digital future. Back in December, the Council of Ministers set out the the government’s clear and bold, ambition to develop a Digital Policy Framework for Jersey. Since then, with the strong support and leadership of Chief Minister and with the unified support of all ministers, a cross-government team has been working hard. With excellent support and encouragement from Digital Jersey, Jersey Finance, Jersey Business and our Regulators – the JFSC and Data Protection Commissioner and many others, there has been a huge in-house effort to produce a Framework. The team has been working hard to develop what the Tech Industry people call is a “Beta version”. Or put another way a ‘Test version’ or a “Draft”. A Beta Digital Framework published on last Friday. This is the first time that government has brought all of its digital ambitions together into one framework. The Financial Services Framework published with an Action Plan for Finance has been a huge success. We want to replicate that success for the Digital Economy. The Council of Ministers is determined to ensure that everyone on the Island can benefit from the huge opportunities Digital offers. We identified three main areas where Digital can play a major role in Jersey’s future. Creating a more efficient government where high-quality public services are simply and...

Jersey’s Future – Digital by Design

Speech should be checked against delivery Lunchtime keynote speech to Jersey Chamber of Commerce By Senator Philip Ozouf, Assistant Chief Minister Friday 10th June 2016 Vice–President, Ladies and Gentleman, it’s a real privilege to be speaking before you. I started today with an early morning visit to the new JEP Guiton Group Digital print press at Rue des Pres – just one new amazing digital business in Jersey. I’ve saw the headlines – more bad news – another leak of apparent bad news. It seem that politics is increasingly about fear. Well I’m going to challenge that. Today is an opportunity for me to be honest, positive and to remind people we really are in a strong position financially. My job today, on behalf of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers is tell you what the Government is doing to build on our success and to talk about our digital plans. We think Government’s role is to make sure that businesses and entrepreneurs have the tools and environment they need to deliver success. Administration, arithmetic and regulation sometimes obscure the ideals driving our policies. Economic growth, social mobility, self-improvement is the only way to create a prosperous future and it should be about much more than just numbers. What is clear is a thriving economy is the only way to deliver the jobs, infrastructure and public services which we all depend on, and to thrive, we need to stay ahead of the curve, looking outwards and finding our niches. Thinking long term not short term. The past few years have been a challenge as we have all continued to...

Media Interviews this week 

Explaining how #JerseyCI #standards support UK in tackling financial crime @huwbbc @BBCNews Explaining to @JustinOnWeb @BBCr4today Jersey’s position on Beneficial Ownership Registers

Statement on Financial Services senior officials’ travel expenses

There is another prominent media story which concerns senior civil servants’ travel expenses. The reports refers to new information released about the expenditure which specifically relates to Financial Services for which the CM and I are responsible.  There is currently both internal and PAC reviews into travel expenditure and booking procedures and policies being conducted.  These reviews are welcome. Every penny of public money spent on travel must be justified, and ministers held to account for the work of their departments. It would not be appropriate to say more about any States-wide policies until this work has been completed, as the information released has not been given and information about the reasons for the travel not presented.  However, as the Assistant-Minister responsible for Financial Services it is appropriate to comment on travel by the highly respected senior officials working for the interests of the Finance Industry who are the subject of media reports today.  I should like to state categorically that all of the work being undertaken by the Financial Services Unit and by Mr Joe Moynihan since his appointment in 2013 has been vital to secure Jersey’s future as a reputable, respected and now growing Financial Services Centre. The Chief Minister’s Adviser on International Affairs, Mr Colin Powell CBE, is widely regarded as probably the Island’s best ambassador and has been vital to ensure high standards are applied in Jersey. His international work on improving new global standards has been significant, as this week’s developments have shown.  The work of the two new named individuals in reports today is vital to Jersey, States income and the jobs of thousands...
Candidacy Declaration  Guernsey States of Deliberation 

Candidacy Declaration  Guernsey States of Deliberation 

Philip OZOUF of Jersey has declared his intention to stand for election for one of the five seats in Guernsey’s “West District” in the forthcoming Guernsey Elections.    Mr Ozouf, a resident of St Saviour, Jersey has been long-standing proponent of closer Channel Island cooperation. First elected as Jersey Deputy in 1999, re-elected as Senator in 2002, 2008 and 2014, he has discharged the functions in the Jersey States, as of President of État Civil, Environment and Public Services, Vice-President of Finance and Economics, Minister for Economic Development, Deputy Chief Minister, Treasury Minister and today as Assistant Chief Minister responsible for Competition, Digital, Financial Services and Innovation. Under the Code of 1771, any person born in either island is eligible to stand for election in any of the Island’s historic Legislative Assemblies. This provision has never been invoked before and will be subject to bilateral rulings in both Island’s Royal Courts, which are being invoked this morning. The Orders of court are expected to made later today. (See link to below) Philip Ozouf said “For the last 16 years I have argued passionately for closer cooperation in the Channel Islands. Following consultation with many residents in St Saviour in Guernsey and Jersey, I’ve decided that the best way to achieve greater alignment is to stand concurrently for both States Assemblies. “If elected, I would propose to spend equal time in both islands. In addition I would continue to spend at least one day a week in Jersey’s London office, which I hope would become the Channel Island London office. “If elected I would propose to return half the salary...

Fuel Farm – Letter on new provisions for effective Competition and Regulation interventions

Dear colleagues A number of members, the media and competitors to the incumbent operator have asked about the competition and regulatory issues concerning the Fuel Farm. It would have been inappropriate for any Minister other than the Infrastructure Minister to comment on the non-property commercial and competitive aspects of the lease until any final decisions had been confirmed. In my case on competition and regulatory issues, which is one of my delegated areas of responsibility, I have been unable to confirm what exactly my position has been, albeit there has been some speculation on it. That speculation is understandable due to my very public and long-standing position on energy price competition and particularly fuel almost since my election in 1999. The Council of Ministers collectively determined that safety and security were the primary consideration and of course I accept that. Even with these primary focuses, what I am pleased to be able to now say, which is complimentary to what Deputy Eddie Noel has said, is, that after what all parties would describe as a challenging and difficult process, the new lease, does at long last now –  from a competition and regulatory perspective – have very significant new safeguards and sanctions included. These are to be welcomed. They deal the concerns people have raised. Taken together with the new focus on driving down prices where possible and the planned and ongoing work on strengthening Competition and Regulation Policy, I am determined, with the full support of Council colleagues, that we deliver more choice, competition that works and better consumer outcomes. An aide-memoire of the some of the work...


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