TechFair 2016

TechFair 2016

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Fort Regent 11th November 2016


1.Good morning and a warm welcome to TechFair 2016

2.  Last year saw an amazing foot fall- of over 4,000
3. And from what I’ve seen it’s going to be far more this year
4. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Digital Revolution in Jersey is gaining momentum
5. You are the early-birds; early adopters
6. And each one of you present are contributing to our valued & growing digital community in Jersey, and I thank each one of you
7. I’m delighted to be standing alongside Deputy Rod Bryans, our valued Education minister, and he is going to speak to you shortly
8. In fact Rod and I would say that any minister could be here and many of them I’m sure will be here over weekend supporting Digital
9. The Chief Minister has made it clear that Digital is at the heart of our Government’s plans for the Island
10. It may not make headlines amid the whirlwind of day-to-day politics but we believe growing the Tech sector is of the utmost importance to every Islander
11. It’s the key to providing a prosperous future for Islanders, providing opportunities for every islander to reach their potential in whatever their area of expertise
12. The internet means they can do that from Jersey to the world
13. The new Digital Framework is going to be vital to make that future a reality and we are going to be publishing this in the next few weeks
14. The Framework is going to be effectively the Island’s digital policy.
15. It will outline bold objectives and principles
16. It will provide certainty and an agreed structure for Government to develop its plans over the coming years.
17. Digital is not a passing fad.
18. We now have emerging sub-sectors in areas spanning FinTech, MedTech and cloud computing.
19. And from what I’ve seen from the great stands here and line-up of fantastic seminars and talks – there is a lot going on.
20. It is estimated that the number of jobs in Jersey’s digital sector has now surpassed 2,500 people total employment.
21. Disruptive Technology can of course erode jobs, and and we need to be sensitive about that but technology makes sectors more efficient & productive
22. That’s a good thing
23. The win-win is that tech actually creates more jobs than it erodes
24. And what we’ve seen is just the start.
25. Within a few years, we are going be a leader in digital infrastructure, being able to offer businesses and homes a service that has few rivals in the world.
26. Work is going on looking at our data protection laws, cyber security arrangements and we are reviewing a number of areas to secure the building blocks of a thriving digital sector for the future.
27. There is plenty more to do: and we know that success takes hard work and ambition.

28. The line between home and work will be blurred as remote working integrates into all jobs, not just a few select industries.
29. Students will be able to access educational resources that were unimaginable for my generation when we were children.
30. Innovative financial technologies in payments, blockchain and compliance promise to change the face of finance and open up the sector to more customers than ever before.
31. It is now almost difficult to remember what we all did before the appearance of smartphones. Technology is embedded in all our lives.
32. In short, the world is changing around us, whether we like it or not.

Digital disruption
33. Digital is not something that can be ignored, and I’m proud that our Government is giving it the importance it deserves.
34. The only choice is for us to embrace it so we can prepare for a prosperous and stable future.
35. This must involve up-skilling and re-skilling our current and future workforce.
36. Jersey has always punched above its weight globally, and we now need to identify our Digital niches, and play to our strengths in the services global market
37. But it is not for Government to decide what those strengths are.
38. Digital Jersey has been working with industry to develop our key propositions and I look forward to seeing the fruits of their work as time goes on.
39. We welcome technological change and we will do what we can to accommodate it.

40. This year’s TechFair acts as a reminder of what this digital world offers.
41. I am hugely excited to visit by what I see and loom forward to seeing the exhibitions and displays of new technology.
42. Although it is my job, technology has become rather a hobby of mine, too
43. Wherever I travel personaly or on States business I make it my business to visit Incubators, Elevators, Sandboxes, Nurseries – call them what you want – and technology centres; in the past year: London, Paris, California, Johannesburg, Estonia and Rwanda.
44. I have no doubt that Jersey can also in years to come be viewed as a digital centre of excellence with a number of world-leading companies.

45. A few thank-yous:
46. The small government Digital team ably lead by Stephanie Peat and her three staff who go beyond the call of duty
47. E-gov team and Deputy Scott Wickenden who is the minister for e-gov
48. Thank you especially to the brilliant Tony Moretta, the CEO of Digital Jersey and his staff
49. To Sandy Moretta for organising the TechFair!
50. Thank-you to you all
51. I shall now pass on to my colleague the Education Minister, Deputy Rod Bryans, who will say a few words on the vital importance of skills in preparing the path to a stable and prosperous future.
52. Thank you