Future Hospital

Future Hospital

Ministers are proposing a budget of £297m for building and redevelopment work. It will improve every service in the hospital. In the future, we will move most day care and hospital appointments to a new health centre at Overdale. All emergency care and operations will still be carried out at the General Hospital. Our community is changing, and over the next 30 years the number of over-65 year olds living in Jersey will more than double. Older people use hospital services much more than younger people, so this will put pressure on our hospital. Medical advances mean we need new equipment and improved facilities. To give you the best care, our health system needs to adapt. The money will come from Jersey’s strategic reserve. This spending is considered affordable and sensible in the current economic situation.

The General Hospital will have new:

• Theatres
• Emergency department
• Critical care unit
• Children’s department

The maternity unit will be extensively refurbished and all patients will have single rooms with private bathrooms. Modern equipment will help us make quick diagnoses and the provision of new services will be possible so people won’t need to travel as often for treatment.

A purpose-built day centre at Overdale will provide modern outpatient services. People with long-term conditions will benefit from new clinics – including new diabetes and cardiac centres and a new renal dialysis unit.



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September 14, 2014